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The owners, Ferenc Kóródi and Erika Kóródi established the company in 1996. The professional knowledge of Freddo Kft. assures the production of quality products. Our company’s main profile: production of archery targets, 2D animals.

We made this website for you, so you can scroll through our products, making it easy for you. The raw material of our product is polyethylene foam with closed cell-structure, which is environmentally-friendly (Freon free), due to the closed cell structure it is absolutely water-repellent, and harmless on health. It has a good resistance against chemicals.


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Kathy Young CEO of SunPark

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Katherine Sullivan Customer

Why you should choose us


We have more than a two decades of expertise in manufacturing targets.


We can proudly say, that we do our best to satisfy the needs of our costumers.


For us, fast service is at least as important as quality!


Production of archery targets, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Ócsa, Székesmajor 1.
  • Erika Kóródi: +36 30 2124 816
  • Renáta Kóródi : +36 30 8563 099



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